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2006/12 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

“Love is a Bitch” is a great movie by Alejandro González Iñárritu. I have seen his 21 grams and I am looking forward to Babel. I really like the way he makes his movies. I guess he is one of the few people more cynical than I am and his potrayl of human nature closely matches my beleifs about it. Technically the movie is just brilliant, the cinematography and the soundtrack are about as good as it gets. I really liked “La visa es un carnaval” and the beats were really apt for the scenes they were used in. The movie talks about the struggles we endure in our quest for love. It links up three different stories showing this struggle in its different phases and somehow manages to have a coherent structure. The story of Octavio deals with his love for his brother Romario’s wife. Daniel’s story deals with his love for a top model who will soon be tragically disfigured in an accident. The story of EL Chivo, a vagrant hitman, talks about his love for his daughter whom he left when she was 2 years old to become a guerilla. In all the cases the quest for love is futile and tragic.

I like movies like Amoresperros that cross the borders of language and culture and make such bold statements about universal themes such as love.

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