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High Self Esteem

2006/12 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

I have been intending to write this post for a while. Kept putting it of as it might seem to corny but …

A few months ago I read this blog post by Joshua Allen. I have seen many unhappy relationship and could not but think that it boiled down to low self esteem among the people involved. Since some of you might be too lazy to read the comments on that post here is what Allen thinks as high self esteem

Let’s roughly define “high self-esteem” as, someone who is optimistic and positive about his/her own ability to have a positive influence on the world; who has internal locus of control versus external (that is, doesn’t blame others or ‘luck” for failure, and doesn’t take failure personally but sees it as learning). And finally, someone who sees that this attitude reflects the intrinsic worth of all people.
Among all the couples that I have seen only Tieming and Bo Ding seem to have a great relationship and I guess it is because of how good they feel about themselves and how they make others around them also feel good.
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