There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult. --C.A.R. Hoare

nm on Windows

Every few days I search for nm like functionality on windows.There is a dumpbin command on windows that offers similar functionality. See here for more details
For once I hope that link does not go away

I love Tieming

tieming_thanksgiving 042
I first met Tieming in July 05. I remember the then CSGSO president sending the both of us on an errand the very second day that Tieming arrived in the US. Tieming is the nicest, sweetest and kindest girl that any guy could ever meet. We were inseparable that semester. Most days would begin with calling her and end with dropping her home. There is no one I have cared about as much as I care about Tieming. She is the one constant in my life over these past 2 and a half years where I have been switching jobs and cities.


Watched this one yesterday with Misha and Samat. I short while ago I had posted on Yelp talk “What is the difference between movies and films?”. I guess most people would classify Transformers as a movie. Is there anything I would remember about this movie? No. Does this movie in any way change how I think about this world? No. But I must admit I did enjoy watching it. My mom worked in the US in the 80s and when she came back to India she got me some toys. My favorite was the Optimus Prime truck. It is really fascinating how this movie brought back some old memories. Although I was not a fan on the Transformer series nor did I get any other Transformer toy other than that truck I could still relate to the movie. Most of the audience consisted of thirty year old fathers with their kids. I am not sure if the kids dragged the fathers to the movie or was it the other way around

Anywhere I may roam Where I lay my head is home

Recently someone asked me how frequently do I go home. It took me a long time to understand that he meant India. Then today another person pointed me to this song from Metallica. Sometimes people ask me if I want to go back to India or stay on in the US. What is home for me? Who am I? I guess every immigrant has faced these questions. For me there are lots of concerns such work authorization and visa status that often prevent me from doing things that I really want to do. At the same time I am worried if after being here for 5 years can I head back and adjust to the daily realities in India such as regular power cuts, intermittent water supply and rampant corruption.

Wozniak on key to excellence for an engineer

You have to be very diligent. You have to check every little detail. You have to be so careful that you haven't left something out. You have to think harder and deeper that you normally would. It's hard with today's large huge programs.

A simple rule

Log errors. If you call an API and it returns an error code. Log the error code. Ideally at the verbose level also log the parameters to the API but in any case log the error. This means for every API that you call you must first check for an error. I wasted half a day of my life troubleshooting code that failed to follow this simple rule.