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2007/07 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

Watched this one yesterday with Misha and Samat. I short while ago I had posted on Yelp talk “What is the difference between movies and films?“. I guess most people would classify Transformers as a movie. Is there anything I would remember about this movie? No. Does this movie in any way change how I think about this world? No. But I must admit I did enjoy watching it. My mom worked in the US in the 80s and when she came back to India she got me some toys. My favorite was the Optimus Prime truck. It is really fascinating how this movie brought back some old memories. Although I was not a fan on the Transformer series nor did I get any other Transformer toy other than that truck I could still relate to the movie. Most of the audience consisted of thirty year old fathers with their kids. I am not sure if the kids dragged the fathers to the movie or was it the other way around