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More Self Esteem

2007/02 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

From Overconfidence —> Incompetence Humility —> Success

You don’t want to be demoralizing, needlessly tearing at the fabric of your self-esteem, but at every turn, you do want to be saying: “Well, that’s not quite good enough — I can do better.” In fact, it seems to me that you want to attach self-esteem to the process of becoming better, instead of letting it become attached to any static result. That way, you can be critical of a performance and not become demoralized about what it says about you as a person. The self-criticism actually becomes a self-esteem booster because you feel good about doing the hard work to constantly improve.

Sudarshan Gaikaiwari

Sudarshan Gaikaiwari I am an experienced software developer. My current stack is

  • Frontend

    • React, Webpack, Babel, Emotion, Gatsby
    • es6+, Typescript
  • Backend

    • AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3
    • Python, Node, Java, Flask, Express

I am available for contract and full time positions.