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With Pleasure

2006/07 sudarshan gaikaiwarientrepreneurship

"I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure."
I came accross this quote from my subscription to the quote of the day service. It is by John D Rockfeller the noted industrialist. There are a bunch of other quotes from him [here]( I am not sure what Rockfeller meant by the pursuit of pleasure. There is no greater pleasure than becoming better at something. Be it becoming a better programmer or working out to develop a better physique. I cannot imagine a life more pleasrable than one dedicated to these pleasures. Everyone has his/her own idea of what is pleasurable. At the same time there I see no point in living one's life with someone else's standards of what is pleasurable. Some people like to chat and gossip with friends others read thousands of blogs. I have found that it is easier to have close and meaningful relationships with people whose ideas of pleasure and outlook towards life in general match mine
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