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2006/05 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

I had heard good things about this movie and also read that it was inspired by my favorite book and movie “The Godfather”. Well as a movie Sarkar is not in the same league as Godfather. I like movies that are realistic. So if a movie forces me to suspend disbelief then the price of admission was a waste. Sarkar is not able to match the realism of Godfather. Also the soundtrack for Sarkar is atrocious. There is this one chat of ” Govinda, Govinda … ” all through the god damn movie. I guess I can just excuse Sarkar as the best that bollywood can come up with. The two Bachans are no match for Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The other problem is can a story really be transplanted from one culture into another. In Godfather the Don might be reasonable but he is no less evil. In Sarkar the Don is almost a saint we do not see any of his nefarious activities. All in all I could have done just as well skipping this movie.

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