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My one addiction

2006/05 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

People who know me from my NMSU days might remember the huge stack of library books stashed away in my office. I am a big book/ book borrowing addict. I guess most of my discretionary income is spent on books and library late fees. Some pray for world peace all I want is an end to late fees. The high point of my life in Pune used to be trips to BCL. The only expense I used to have has been the late fees. My fascination for libraries started even before my parents developed library software. My high school, Loyola, has fabulous sport facilities: - large playgrounds, beautiful swimming pool and a rolling hill to go along with it. However as a kid I was not interested in any of them. I spent all my time at the library. I read every magazine the library subscribed. I guess I had read nearly every book that was accessible for students in the high school. So when I had to (my low scores in SSC exams ensured this ) to go back to Loyola for junior college I got the opportunity to read all the books marked of for junior college students.

My summer holidays would start with me getting some money from my parents to join the local library. These libraries would have a policy such as only one book issued out per day. This would lead me to read a book a day. The usual schedule:- get up, wait for the library to open, read the book rinse repeat.

Sometimes due to work pressure or exams I would go for nearly a week or two without reading a book. During such periods I end up dreaming that I am reading something. I find that a prolonged abstinence from book consumption not only destroys my sleep but also my creativity. The only cure is to go grab a book and read it from start to finish.

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