sudarshan gaikaiwari

mostly programming

Da exercise schedule

2006/05 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

Monday Cardio bike

Tuesday With Alex* Wednesday Cardio (bike) + Biceps (hammer curls) + Triceps (one arm extension)

thursday Cardio (bike)

Friday With Alex

Saturday Cardio(bike) Shoulders

Sunday Cardio (bike) + Chest

  • While I try to do an hour of cardio everyday with Alex means heavy 2.5 hour workouts mostly with weights . I bench close to 145 lbs ( 3 sets * 8 reps ) these days.
Sudarshan Gaikaiwari

Sudarshan Gaikaiwari I am an experienced software developer. My current stack is

  • Frontend

    • React, Webpack, Babel, Emotion, Gatsby
    • es6+, Typescript
  • Backend

    • AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3
    • Python, Node, Java, Flask, Express

I am available for contract and full time positions.