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Root of all Evil

2006/02 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

This is a great Channel 4 documentary presented by Richard Dawkins. He looks at religion (although he concentrates only on monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Christainity and Islam) and points out the great harm such delusional beleifs cause mankind. Some are often surprised by the confrontational tone he takes and the anger he displays at the ridiculous statements made by different religious leaders. But I think Dawkins is right. For too long has the moderation in religion been tolerated. Today when we see acts such as 9/11 and the picketing of Planned Parenthood offices a more stringent anti religion actions need to be taken. From a classification point of view all religious books should be moved into the fiction sections of book stores and libraries. If religious leaders demand that evolution be taught as just a theory (one of the many viewpoints about how human beings came about) then all religious education should also be pointed out as just delusional beleifs. Children should be taught that all concepts such as heaven, hell and after life are fragments of imagination without any basis in reality. Infact just as children are not allowed to learn certain things till they reach a mature age they should be sheilded from religion till they are capable of self determination.

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