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Free Speech

2006/02 sudarshan gaikaiwaripersonal

Hmm looks like I have an opinion on just about everything under the sun but here goes …

According to me the most important human value is freedom. The question is what exactly are the limits to be imposed by society on freedom. A simple rule that I hope will be used is that you are free to do what you want as long as you do not force any one else to do something that they are unwilling to do. So I am free to kill you if you are not unwilling to die. There I go supporting euthanasia. I am free to draw (if I had the ability or the time) caricatures of whoever I want from (Christ to Krishna to the Prophet) you are free to not look at my caricatures. The problem with most fanatics and I include any one who engages in the irrationality of religion as a fanatic is that in some ways the believe that religious beliefs are in someway sacrosanct and free from criticism. If a single person believed that muttering Latin over glass of wine made it the blood of Christ he would be committed to the insane asylum but if a billion people believe then it is a world religion.Also most religious people do not realise that most of their beliefs are inherited. If they were born in a different religion or culture they would have adopted those beliefs. I have seen arguements such how the namaaz is the greatest excercise for your back and how vegeteraniasm is the best diet for human beings. And for some reason all religious beliefs are of limits to the righteous ridicule that they deserve. Coming back to the free speech argument I can say whatever I want about any religion. You are under no obligation to listen to my rants.

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